Being a Customer

SkyMinder is the best-of-breed worldwide information provider enabling the market to take the right path when a critical decision must be made.

Becoming a customer means having access to information on all registered companies in 230 countries and territories, whatever the legal form, size or industry. The information is easy to find thanks to the user-friendly and flexible lookup method.

The high quality checks and processes followed by CRIF local companies and the most reliable local providers around the world are a guarantee of constantly updated products. What’s more, credit rating and credit limit information is always present to assess the level of the risk at any time and for any critical decision.

Completeness, data to assess level of risk, credit rating, credit limit and easy-to-read layout are features which allow the most important topics to be identified very quickly and to focus on the most interesting areas for a particular subject.

SkyMinder gives the flexibility to choose the best way of becoming a customer. From online registration, to subscription.

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