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Prosecco - Trade Data

Until a few years ago, Prosecco was nothing more than a standard wine from the area to the North of Trieste.

Today is one of the most common sparkling wines globally: in 2020 Prosecco was in fact the most exported one by EU Member States to countries outside the EU.

Of the 494 million litres of sparkling wine exported in 2020, Prosecco accounted for 41% of the total, with 205 million litres being exported. Instead, imports account for 489.000 litres.

Regarding the whole industry, exports have decreased for the first time in a decade, with a -6% with respect to 2019. The pandemic caused a reduction in the demand of sparkling wine for bars and restaurants, which remained closed for a long period in many countries.

Finally, Member States imported 9.3 million litres of sparkling wine from non-EU countries, which corresponded to only 2% of the amount that was exported.