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Cuba: Focus On Its Foreign Investment Opportunities

The following article analyses the investment opportunities that can be found in Cuba.

Looking at the Portfolio of Foreign Investment Opportunities published by the Cuban government, it can be seen that actually Cuba is a country that offers a wide range of possibilities, in a favorable business environment.

Tax incentives of the country are known globally, but there are also other advantages for investments: for example, the sector policies formulated by the government, a secure legal framework and high quality of education, social security, and workforce.

There are a lot of projects available for foreign investments, spread across many sectors. The ones with the highest number of project opportunities are food production, tourism, energy, industry and mining.

In addition, the total quantity of projects has increased with respect to 2020: 678 in 2021 vs 503 in the previous year.

These projects are divided among the areas of interest (for intervention). The highest number of projects have their location in the La Havana zone, but the others are spread quite equally across the country. In particular, the Special Development Zone (ZED) Mariel is focused on visionary projects aimed at contributing to the sustainable economic development of Cuba. To be noted, the Financial Times magazine awarded ZED Mariel as winner in the category of best zone to consider in the future in the Best Global Zones of the year 2017 competition.

The majority (423) of the projects have the mission of contributing at the productive transformation and international insertion of Cuba, its infrastructural development and environmental impact.