SkyMinder Vision and Mission

  • Global coverage
    • Thanks to information availability from 230 countries and territories, with SkyMinder it is possible to get a report on companies around the world.
  • Quick and easy identification of companies
    • Simple and user-friendly way to get business information for evaluating a deal and prevent credit risk.
  • Best available credit report and best local data sources
    • Thanks to CRIF’s international presence and long-standing experience with local business information suppliers, the best local sources are in place to support decisions with the most up-to-date and reliable reports, ensuring a global coverage.
  • Freshly investigated reports
    • Information based on investigation processes and methodologies with the aim to find and verify data combined to high quality guarantee all over the world, even if difficulties in data sources are present.
  • Complete credit report with risk assessment and credit limit
    • Crucial information to prevent credit risk, such as ratings and credit limits, essential to make a business assessment.
  • Consistent and precise user experience
    • A standard layout with easy-to-find key information, including a tab format displaying the best local information for each country.
  • Company monitoring
    • Keep up-to-date with changes affecting a company by choosing different timelines and tools.
  • Customer-oriented approach
    • Quick and efficient assistance given to customers thanks to a highly skilled Content and Quality Team.


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