CRIF for Business Information

CRIF for Business Information

There are four steps involved to get quality business information for the best evaluation process:

1- Data collection: CRIF collects raw data from public sources.
2- Information intelligence: data are enriched, benchmarked and completed with linked data.
3- Credit intelligence: CRIF experts verify, analyze and enrich the information gathered in previous phases.
4- Value-added information: at the end of the process, value-added information, such as ratings and credit limits, are processed and performance constantly monitored.

CRIF Business Information is based on the following pillars:

• Completeness: a clear snapshot of a company’s status and performance.
• Meaningfulness: considering data which are really significant in the overall evaluation process.
• Updating: be alerted if something related to the company has changed.
• Value-added information: evaluation data, such as ratings and credit limits, as the focus point to assess if a business relationship can be established.

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