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SkyMinder, provider of online information on over 50 million companies, offers reports from the following high-quality information providers:

Byington has been serving local and international markets for over 50 years and has the experience and antecedent information needed to find and establish the risk involved in doing business with any Colombian company. In a country with extreme privacy regulations and security concerns, reports are based on the understanding that a good credit decision should not rely on superficial, easily available information, and that superior investigative skills and complete historical information are required to obtain relevant detail.
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C3 Business Information 
C3 Business information, Inc. (C3BI) delivers high quality company information, producing personalized US company reports that are Current, Comprehensive and Compelling (C3).
Using multiple sources and personal investigative techniques, the C3 Business Reports are perfect for file reviews and those situations where you have time to allow the best possible reports to be produced and utilized in decision support.
Reports contain a risk rating and $ guideline, financial statements, payment data, public record checks, property ownership, management background, ownership details, news articles, and a management interview - all when available. The customer may also ask specific questions with each request.
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Coface Central Europe provides access to European databases, and offers information on more than 9.5 million companies in countries of the Central Eastern European region (Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia and the CIS Republics). Information provided includes more than 3.8 million financial statements, more than 288 million individual financials, current and historical insolvency information on 225,000 companies and 65,000 collection cases, which are added each year as a result of debt collection activities. All Coface Central Europe reports contain a credit rating, an assessment of the payment behaviour and a maximum credit recommendation.
Update: Continuously

CREDIT REPORT ® is one of the pioneering companies in the business of business information in Latin American market. Founded in 1964, it provides commercial and credit information of companies, in accordance with the demands of all its clients with tailor made reports. Highly skilled staff in 4 offices and more than 15 agents who cover with efficient way all the Latin American zone maintaining a high level of agreed efficiency to international standards (balance sheets are available on a high percentage of reports). Its operational range is centered in credit reports and a complementary service of collections.
Update: Continuously

CRIF, by CRIF, is one of the main financial and business information portals, used for credit risk analysis, for credit management, for marketing and for business development strategies. supplies complete and detailed information online and in real-time on more than 5.5 million Italian companies, each company is also given a rating score. As well as information on companies and individuals from Italian Chambers of Commerce nation-wide, also provides court judgement, bad debt, and real estate information from databases owned by CRIF.
Information is collected daily from the Registry of Immovables and Courts throughout Italy.
Update: Continuously

CRIF AG Switzerland offers complete and accurate information on over 500.000 Swiss companies and provides updated credit reports with various risk indicators, including legal collection information. As such, the provided credit reports represent an invaluable tool in the evaluation of commercial credit risk. If available, the credit reports also contain details on the financial situation of the given company as well as positive payment information and information about the ownership.
Update: Continuously

CRIF GmbH Austria offers complete and accurate information on roughly 500.000 Austrian companies and provides updated credit reports with various risk indicators, including debt collection data. The reports also contain financial data, balance sheets, group information, as well as detailed information about management and ownership.
Update: Continuously

CRIF Sp. z o. o. 
CRIF Sp. z o.o. offers complete and accurate information on 2 million Polish companies., developed by CRIF, provides updated credit reports regarding the financial situation of partners and clients an informative and essential tool in the evaluation of commercial credit risk.
Update: Continuously

Cristal Credit is the US subsidiary of AC.REF, specialists in credit reporting and debt collection on French and international markets. Cristal Credit provides off line credit reports on more than 15 million companies based in North and South America, French speaking North African countries such as Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco as well as Caribbean islands such as Guadeloupe and Martinique.
Credit reports are updated with fresh information, while local investigations are carried out on companies, financial networks, and officials sources such as Credit bureaus, the secretary of state, and credit insurance companies.
Update: Continuously

DTB Dis Ticaret Bilgi Merkezi is a leading business information agency, providing commercial credit reports on companies in Turkey. DTB provides reliable, comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate commercial credit reports through a network of highly-educated researchers and credit analysts.
Update: Continuously

On January 1st 2006, Coface Services, the French subsidiary of Coface, a firm specialized in credit-management services, merged the operations of Coface Ort and Coface Scrl, thus becoming N° 1 in France and N° 2 in Europe in the business information and credit management sector.
On January 1st 2014 Coface Services becomes Ellisphere.
Ellisphere boasts a database including over 8 million companies in France. Expert financial analysts collect and analyze information in order to obtain comprehensive, reliable data and offer personalized high value-added information, the result of 20,000 updates per day and 300,000 surveys a year.
Update: Continuously

Equifax Canada Inc. has been enabling business transactions since 1919 and is a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Equifax Inc., with presence in 12 countries worldwide. As a leader in the consumer and commercial credit reporting and information services industry, Equifax delivers sophisticated decisioning, data, fraud and e-commerce solutions to the business community. Equifax's services and solutions offer a wide range of information and analytic tools for a company's credit adjudication, risk assessment, marketing, e-commerce and data management needs.
Update: Continuously

ACP Ltd, a subsidiary of the FBR Group of companies, specializes in production and delivery of a wide range of corporate credit reports and due diligence products, on companies located worldwide.
Credit reports produced incorporate an extensive range of features, including but not limited to credit scoring, risk analysis, recommended credit limit for Trade Financing purposes, direct and indirect corporate linkages (corporate parents, subsidiaries, joint-ventures, affiliates), credit inquiry history, primary and secondary business activities, SIC / NAIC /Harmonized product / material classification codes, import-export linkages (by Agency and Country of origin).

Data is collected, checked and correlated via a sophisticated network of local data collection centers employing more than 850 credit reporting specialists worldwide. The privately owned database, and credit reporting structure, known as "GlobalCIS® and AsianCIS®", is proactively updated every month. Proprietary state-of-art software systems ensure integrity of data and the ability for Users to monitor and link cross-border ownership between corporate entities globally.
Update: Continuously

Graydon is one of the leading database information providers in the UK and EU, specialising in credit risk management. The company helps clients reduce the uncertainty of doing business by providing a complete, differentiated and high-quality package of credit risk management services.
Being a founder member of the Eurogate Network of partners, Graydon provides online access to a great number of databases - including: Buergel, Informa, KSV, Eurocredit, Graydon NL, Graydon BE, Coface Services, Coface Serviços Portugal, Experian Ireland, UC AB, Coface Central Europe and Coface Latvia Credit Management Services SIA. Most of these partners are market leaders in their national markets and have strong connections with the credit insurance industry. All these databases are dynamically and continuously updated and in most cases online reports are available within seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Graydon also provides online access to Japanese database reports in the English language through their partnership with Teikoku Databank. The Teikoku Corporate Database is the most extensive of its kind, holding more data on Japanese businesses than any other company in the world.
Graydon, together with its network of alliances and partners, provides online information on more than 60 million companies worldwide. Countries covered include UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine.
The Graydon group is owned by Atradius, Coface and Hermes, three of the world's leading credit insurance organisations. With its network of branch offices, partnerships and alliances, Graydon today services the world of commerce from more than 130 offices worldwide.
Update: Continuously

ICAP Group is the largest B2B service provider in Greece, supplying Business Information, Credit Risk Services and Management Consulting since 1964. The company has offices in 5 Greek cities, as well as operations in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. ICAP's major shareholder is southeast Europe's largest private equity company, Global Finance. Employing 900 people, ICAP Group is a member of the global network CreditAlliance. ICAP provides SkyMinder with credit reports on 300,000 Greek companies - an essential tool in locating and avoiding credit risk. Reports contain information on company operations, historical development, stability, profitability, products, manpower, real estate and transactional behaviour, as well as the ICAP Rating.
Update: Continuously

COFACE SERVIÇOS PORTUGAL, founded in 1947 and now part of the international Coface Group, offers a wide range of business information solutions including credit information marketing information and debt collection services. The COFACE SERVIÇOS PORTUGAL national database contains information on more than 1,800,000 Portuguese companies.
Credit reports from COFACE SERVIÇOS PORTUGAL present commercial and financial information about a chosen business entity, plus an evaluation system measuring the probability of a company defaulting.
Update: Continuously

Informa, founded in 1992, provides on-line credit and financial information on 4.5 million Spanish businesses and their owners, with the aim of increasing information on current and prospective customers and minimising business risks, as well as marketing Database services.
Informa provides on-line information on Spanish companies, from a Database with information from many public and private information sources, including the BORME (Official Mercantile Register Gazette), the official Accounts Annual Memorandums, The Official Gazette, the Official Provincial Gazettes and Annual Accounts, national and regional press, ad hoc research and many other publications.
Update: Continuously

RIME is the regional market data source specialist in the Middle East, North Africa & Mediterranean with a long history in research dating back to 1982.
With our own network of locally based offices, RIME is the trusted partner for many companies & institutions around the world that require locally freshly investigated Business & Credit Information Reports. RIME is the vital partner providing accurate information to help minimise risk when making critical financial decisions.
RIME offers the highest quality, locally produced reports in three main areas:
Middle East (Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen), North Africa (Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia) and Mediterranean (Cyprus, Malta).
Update: Continuously

As a member of SINOTRUST Group, SINOTRUST Business Information & Consulting Ltd. is a leading business information and receivable management company in China, committed to building China's leading business information database, and providing business information and relevant management support to enterprises for their marketing, sales and receivable management activities.
Sinotrust's Business Credit Reports present comprehensive information concerning the subject company's operation, financial status, credit record, historical background, risk level evaluation and suggested credit limit.
Sinotrust's business database contains basic information of about 7.6 million companies and detailed financial information of over 200,000. Information sources include government statistics, business registry, bankers and court filings. Credit investigation teams collect first-hand information by visiting and interviewing different information sources daily.
Update: Continuously

Sintesis Brasil is a leading company in the field of credit reporting and credit management. Since its incorporation, it has been acquiring an important reputation in the local and foreign trade markets and currently provides services to Brasil's largest corporations, supplying efficient and reliable assistance for both national and international export sales activities.
Sintesis Brasil has an important base of international clients including the main export credit insurance corporations which count on its vast experience and know-how in order to decrease risk when dealing with foreign exporters.
The focus of its services is the production of full reports containing a thorough profile of the investigated companies, allowing clients to have all the necessary information to safely evaluate the risks involved in their business activities. With a growing and successful business history, Sintesis Brasil has been expanding its client base in several lines of business but always striving to provide the highest possible levels of customer services.
Update: Continuously

Transworld Services Del Ecuador S.A. was founded in December 2005 after a merger between Transworld Services SA (Chile) and BICE SA Ecuador, processing and distributing credit information and collection services via systems developed by TWS S.A. and an experienced network of professionals in Ecuador.
Freshly investigated credit reports from Transworld Services Del Ecuador SA cover 55.000 Ecuadorian companies, allowing an accurate evaluation of the subject company's financial status and credit worthiness.
Update: Continuously

Transworld Services SA (TWS) was founded in Chile in 1993 to provide both national and international credit reporting services, and currently provides credit reports, commercial collections (Accounts Receivable Management) and database services.
Credit reports from TWS contain information including legal actions, operations, economic-financial analysis, banks, evaluation of financial situation, allowing a complete analysis of any given commercial concern.
Update: Continuously

VIVID Management Systems provide comprehensive business information services including company profiles, credit reporting, risk analysis and consulting on Israeli and Palestinian companies. Credit reports include the following information: shareholders and managers, business background and activities, legal filings and payment behaviour.
Update: Continuously

Worldbox Business Intelligence is an independent service providing various types of company information from around the world, specialising in countries where information is sometimes not easy to obtain. Worldbox offers both concise and extensive company information from profiles to credit reports, in addition to directors reports and retrieval of company legal documents. Worldbox provides data to support market research, due diligence, legal, or sales and marketing activities.
Update: Continuously