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SkyMinder by CRIF Integrates Online Credit Content From Asian Company Profiles Ltd

Tampa (FL) - 18/10/2006 - SkyMinder, the online aggregator of credit and business information, is pleased to announce the strengthening of its working relationship with Asian Company Profiles Ltd (AsianCIS).

SkyMinder and AsianCIS have been working together for many years supplying SkyMinder clients with freshly investigated credit reports and extensive database coverage on companies in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East.

Now SkyMinder clients also have access AsianCIS's online content, covering 6.5 million companies – all available to download directly from .

The value added service offered by SkyMinder means that clients who purchase this online content through SkyMinder are also automatically entitled to a FREE freshly investigated credit report on the same company. After the online report is downloaded, an order is automatically placed within the SkyMinder system and freshly investigated report is produced and delivered to the client by email, free of charge, in 5-8 working days.

“Our clients really are getting the best of both worlds,” comments Silvia Cappelli, SkyMinder's Manager. “Clients can download the online report immediately for instant feedback. The freshly investigated report then brings any updates, at no extra charge.”

AsianCIS has recently greatly expanded its worldwide coverage and is now offering SkyMinder clients online and offline credit reports on companies based in:

•  Asia-Pacific

•  The Middle East

•  Africa

•  South America

“Our collaboration with SkyMinder in recent years has been very successful,” states Sebastian Young, Assistant Director of International Licensing at AsianCIS. “As we enhance our range of online reports and increase our worldwide coverage we make this available to SkyMinder. SkyMinder is the perfect medium and business partner for us to distribute our content internationally. We have also observed that SkyMinder provides excellent local customer support services in Europe and North America, which is essential in the credit reporting industry.”

SkyMinder clients can access this content by logging on to SkyMinder at and searching in the Credit Info function, or contact for further details.